Our Crafty Journey

Hi, I'm Shani Fay, Owner of Sweet Tooth Boutique, proud mother of two, and faith-filled entrepreneur purpose-driven to help you craft a beautiful life. I established Sweet Tooth Boutique in 2011 as a cake artist and quickly realized that my talents and passions extended beyond the kitchen. From papercrafts to wreath making, you name it and I've done it! But when I wanted to expand my business to more than cake artistry, everyone told me I had to stick to one thing. But, my fellow Makers know this is a hard ask! So I've set out to provide a community for my fellow makers who enjoy all things crafty. Sweet Tooth Boutique is becoming a thriving community of like-minded crafters all with a mission to craft a beautiful life. Whether you're interested in purchasing our products, joining the community, or starting your own craft business, Sweet Tooth Boutique is your beacon of light in the craft community and we are thrilled to have you here! We continue to build and add more value to our members every day. So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee, take a look around and join the conversation!

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